Unfortunately, we (Christa + Phil) can not be in multiple places at one time, though, that would be pretty dang awesome. Due to our lack of omni-presence we have had to turn away some amazing couples since we were already booked for another wedding. The worst part about that is the disappointment we received from the couples. So, after a few months of wrestling with what to do, we decided to bring on a Sidekick. 

Think of Dr. Watson, Robin the Boy Wonder, R2-D2, Ron Weasley, Abu, Dr. Emmett Brown, Samwise Gamgee, Bumblebee, or Chewbacca. Crucial characters that the story just wouldn't be the same without! Our sidekick is an amazing photographer whom we have trained to capture weddings under the Portos brand. Our Sidekick gives couples the Portos experience on the day of their engagement/wedding and then we do all of the photo editing to give you that Phil + Christa goodness. We were very selective when choosing our Sidekick because we want all of our work to be of the same caliber. 

Meet Ernie: